Are you looking for a nice template for your Blogger blog? You came to the right place, but at the wrong time :) Unfortunately this site is in testing status, and there are only a few templates here. I advise you to bookmark it and check back regulary for new designs. You can also digg this to help me spreading the word :)

What is this site?

I have started my blogging life with Blogger. But after I have spent more than 6 months with the service I have decided to switch to WordPress (Blogger has some disadvantages, such as lack of categories and boring captchas all around) for most of my blogs. WordPress was my choice because it is very flexible and has the largest template diversity :)

I like simplicity of Blogger and I am still using this free service for one of my blogs. I also like coding templates for Blogger, and I thought that sharing the templates I have converted from other blogging software will be fun, so what is this site for :)

If you need to contact me, you can use this email.